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Is Electric Scooter Better than Petrol Scooter?

Looking to purchase an electric scooter? Confused between an electric vs. petrol scooter?

Two-wheeler technology has come a long way in recent years. Today, the buyer has several options to choose from, including the recently introduced electric variants. Now electric scooters are becoming the trend. As the number of electric scooters on the road is increasing each year, you’re not only the person who will be wondering whether an electric scooter is the right choice for you. Cities are taking a new form, with an apparent increase in traffic, air pollution and the cost of petrol. However, with electric scooters, we can look forward to cleaner air and save a significant amount of time and money. 

Let’s compare petrol scooter with electric scooter based on the various factors;

Fuel Cost: 

The average petrol scooters in India run 60 km per litre of fuel. Some manufacturers provide more mileage than that as well. An electric scooter will run the same distance as a petrol scooter at just 15% cost of petrol, which makes it very cheap and pocket-friendly as compared to a petrol scooter. Riding petrol scooter for 70 km cost more than 200 INR, but for an electric scooter riding 70 km just cost 5 INR. That means more than 94% of your money can be saved. Since the petrol prices are drastically increasing, it is better to choose electric scooter which is the trend now.

Registration and Documents:

In petrol scooters registration, license and insurance are mandatory but for electric scooter registration and license is not needed, and insurance is optional.

Fuel Availability:

Petrol stations are available across India, hence petrol is easily available. This scooter is good for long and remote runs as fuel is available everywhere. To charge an electric scooter you just need a plug, you can simply charge as you are charging your mobile phone. Wherever you are going, wherever you are staying, if there is electricity then you can easily charge your electric scooter.

Storage Space:

Under-seat storage is important for any scooter as it provides an added advantage to store your belongings. In electric scooters you get the same space as you get in petrol scooters. It means you can keep your bags, files and a full-size helmet without any worry. BOS MOTORS has taken an extra step to ensure you ride your e-scooter without compromising on space.


Maintenance in an electric scooter is relatively cheaper as compared to petrol scooters. BOS MOTORS Electric Scooters have very low maintenance and the first two services for people in Kerala is free of cost. An electric scooter has lesser moving parts in comparison to petrol scooters which makes it much more robust and maintenance-free. As petrol scooter runs on fuel, it requires regular servicing and maintenance.


Unlike petrol scooters, electric scooters have many features that are quite helpful for a rider. BOS MOTORS electric scooters come with reverse mode, centre lock, mobile charging facility- USB port to charge your phone and much more. Petrol scooters lack all these features.

The downside of owning a petrol scooter is that you have to wait in long lines to refuel your bike. The other thing to keep in mind is that you will have to spend money on fuel, which in turn would be a loss. Fuel prices are also increasing every few months and that takes a deep cut in your pockets. Electric scooters, on the other hand, are more convenient to charge. BOS MOTORS offers two types of battery for their products – the modern and lighter Lithium battery with a power of 24-38 AH/60V and the Lead Acid Battery with a power of 29 AH/60V. If you are choosing a Lead Acid then it takes about 7 to 8 hours to charge fully in a normal charging mode. If you are choosing Lithium battery, then it will take 2 to 3 hours to charge fully using the normal charging mode. Choosing an electric scooters will help you save your money on fuel and at the same time you will save up annually on overall maintenance.

Electric scooters are all about saving fuel and helping the environment. In a time where air pollution is increasing, electric scooters will lead to much cleaner air. Another added advantage is that electric scooters are more silent and less noisy. While we have jotted down all the important factors between electric and petrol scooter, it is safe to say that electric scooters are the future. They have minimal maintenance, easy to clean and they are loaded with tons of features. BOS MOTORS being the best electric scooter dealers in Kerala has taken all of this into consideration and created scooters that are easy to ride, deliver performance and make every day travel much easier and more convenient.

The choice is yours now. How would you contribute to the environment? Electric or petrol?

Whether you opt for the best electric scooter in India or a petrol-based scooter, you can test drive BOS MOTORS electric scooter for free. BOS MOTORS have 10 showrooms in Kerala and 11 Service Centres.

Which Is Better and Why?

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