Frequently Asked Questions

The first benefit is that you can save 95% of your money, since petrol price is drastically increasing electric scooters are always the best option to choose. There are other benefits like no registration, no license, no tax, no insurance, no petrol and very low maintenance needed. Electric Scooters are always convenient, relatively eco-friendly and no noise pollution. It is also suitable for all ages.

For BOS Electric scooter there are 10 colour variants like red, black, blue, silver, white, green, golden, yellow, peacock green and grey. Matt colour are also available like mat red and matt black.

The main features of electric scooter are aerodynamic Style for balance, ability to climb gradients, comfortable foot rest for pillion rider, easy manoeuvrability, front alloy wheel, front telescopic suspension, high torque, and multi focus string beam light for clear night vision.

The motors power is 60V 250 W, we have brushless DC Motor, maximum speed of electric scooter without registration is 25 Km/h, 140 kilogram loading capacity, overall size is 1780 mm(L) x 730 mm (W) x 1180 mm (H) overall size. To know more details mail at .

Any time during the normal working hours is fine. To book a test drive call at 9400063656.

You can charge your electric scooter same as you are charging your mobile phone, you just need to have a plug. It is very easy to charge. Also for full charge of an electric scooter it will only cost less than 5 Rs.

The warranty of electric scooter depends on the battery you choose, if you have a lithium battery you will be having 3 year Warranty and if you have a lead acid battery then the warranty will be 1 year.

If you want to know more details about electric scooter just mail at or you can call at 9400063656.

Currently we are having 11 showrooms across Kerala, In Kakkanad, Kaloor, Chalakudy, Muvattupuzha, Kothamangalam, Paravoor, Perumbavoor, Kuruppampady, Kalady, Thoppumpady and Aluva.

100 % sure. The best thing about an EV is that it protects you from the hiking fuel prices in India. Electric scooter are always better than petrol scooter, whether it is in case of Price or Pollution, or it is in case of models or features. Since the price of petrol is rising drastically the electric scooters are great in demand. An electric scooter is able to run the same distance as petrol scooter by saving 95% of your money, which makes it very cheap and pocket friendly as compared to petrol scooter. 

For BOS MOTORS Premium Scooters the delivery charge is free all across Kerala.

Electric scooter helps in saving 95% of your money also it is Eco friendly means of transport.  It helps in minimizing carbon emissions.

Electric scooters are way too economical compared to petrol scooters. Fuel prices are sky-rocketing as each day passes. It’s high time you need to switch to electric. Let’s together go electric!


Let’s go green! Go electric!

Yes like electric cars, Electric Scooters are sound free.

The maximum speed of electric scooter is 25km/h to 35km/h. This low speed model electric scooter is best suited from children’s to elders.

No, the low powered electric scooters does not require license, as well as registration and insurance.

It is optional to have insurance. For the low powered electric scooters insurance is not required.

Yes, electric scooters are much safer than petrol scooter. Since the speed is also low the accident ratios are very less for electric scooters. It is idle for kids to elders.

Yes, you can save 95% of your money by buying an electric scooter. The maintenance is also very low compared to petrol scooter. Also the first three service in BOS MOTORS showrooms is entirely free. Electric scooters usually have much better safety features to keep the rider safe both during the day and at night.

So let’s together make a smart move!

To full charge an electric scooter it will only cost less than 5 Rs, while to full charge a petrol scooter it will cost more than 100 Rs. To get 70 km ride in petrol scooter you may need to pay more than 100 Rs but in electric scooter to ride 70 km you just need to spend 5 Rs.

It depends upon the battery you choose, if you are choosing lithium battery it will only take 3-4 hours for charging and if you’re choosing lead acid battery it will only take 6-7 hours for charging.

BOS MOTORS is one of the leading electric scooter dealers in Kerala, the company is known for the best service they provide to their customers. Currently BOS Motors is having more than 11 showrooms across Kerala and 12 Service Centres.

Yes, there is no problem in riding an electric scooter in rain. You can comfortably ride electric scooter in any days. Electric scooters usually have much better safety features to keep the rider safe both during the day and at night.

Yes, since the low powered electric scooter does not require license kids can also use the electric scooter. Electric scooter are really safe for kids and elders.

There are three different models available in all BOS Showrooms, they are Wind                Electric Scooter, Storm Electric Scooter and V-max Electric Scooter.

For Lithium battery the life is 5 years and for lead acid battery the life is 3 years.

We are having three types of batteries like lead acid, lithium Phosphate battery and Lithium Ion battery. The batteries also have mileage from 60 km to 125 km.

It depends on the battery you choose, we have mileage starting from 60 km to 130km.