A Closer Look at Key Design Features!

Enhancing Your Electric Scooter Experience

Aerodynamic style for balance

Experience a Smooth, Balanced Ride with Aerodynamic Design

Ability to climb gradients

Effortlessly Conquer Any Hill with Our Powerful Electric Scooters

Comfortable foot rest

Relax and Ride in Comfort with our Thoughtfully Designed Foot Rest

Easy maneuverability

Effortless Maneuverability for Ultimate Control - Zip Through the City with Ease!

Front alloy wheel

Experience a Smooth and Stylish Ride with Front Alloy Wheels

Front telescopic suspension

Enjoy a Smooth and Comfortable Ride with Front Telescopic Suspension

No Petrol

As petrol prices are rising, it is the right time to explore electric scooter. Switch to Electric! Switch to BOS MOTORS!

No Pollution

Electric Scooter are a lifestyle choice and in addition, it is good to know that you will not play a role in the pollution.

No Sound

Travelling around a city and silence never go hand-in-hand. We provide a whisper quiet mode of transport that's the fastest and quietest way.

Low Maintenance

Very low maintenance needed and if you want something lighter and more energy efficient, BOS Electric Scooter can be a perfect fit for you.

No Registration

The low-speed electric scooter models which are CMVR is exempted from registration and road tax. You're promised no registration fee.

No License

The smart electric scooter is a no license kind of vehicle that is suited to everybody, right from a school going child to an adult.

Wide Variety

Electric vehicles are the future face of global vehicle industry. At BOS MOTORS we have 4 different models with 10 different colors

No Tax

Electric Scooters are exempted from tax. We have made a smart move! Have you ? Save 95% of your money! Book a Test Drive.

85 %

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What we do!


If you are searching for best electric scooter in India then BOS MOTORS will provide you the best that is right for you.

Zero contact travel

We love our customers and we love the way they come.

No Driving License

We love our customers and we love the way they come.

About US

No.1 Electric Scooter In India

Our mission is to promote quality electric scooter thus make the country greener. Every product we provide to you is closely inspected, rigorously tested and put through quality checks before it reaches our customers. So lets together make a smart move.

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